giovedì 25 maggio 2017

♕ Make Up Look ~ Moonlight Cut Crease ♕

Let's have a small break from graphic liners (but they will be back veeery soon), today I have a cut crease look to show you! A round cut crease, to be more precise. I haven't done one in a while - like, more than one year.

I named this look "Moonlight" because it makes me think of the moon's reflection on the sea... Or the moon shining, outlined against the night sky. 

lunedì 22 maggio 2017

♕ Make Up Look ~ Ocean Waves ♕

Another graphic liner look today - I swear, the next one will feature a different technique and a more classical winged line XD
After the warm, fiery tones of my previous make up, which resembled a flame, I created a cool-toned look that flows like ocean waves. And of course I couldn't help but adding dramatic eyeliner - a double winged liner! Like, one wing isn't enough... Let's make two!

venerdì 19 maggio 2017

♕ Make Up Look ~ Fire Style ♕

After a very short break from graphic look... Here we go again XD The previous look was a sort of test run, a warm up to inaugurate KVD's Tattoo Liner; next, I did a look that I ended up not liking (if you follow me on Instagram you already know what I'm talking about), which I'm going to post here on my blog... But then I did this look, which I'm really proud of :D

The eyeliner's shape, the shades and the glitters I used made me think of a flame... Thus the title!

mercoledì 17 maggio 2017

♕ Make Up Look ~ Teal & Glitters ♕

Today's make up is very simple and easy - no crazy liner styles this time XD I specifically made this look to try my new eyeliner - Tatto Liner in Trooper by Kat Von D Beauty. As you might remember, I mentioned it in my Prodotti PRO 2017 post (aka all the products I want to try during this year); it was at the very top of my list and I'm SO happy to finally own it *_*

I was actually going to post my first impressions about it today, you know? But since I have an event in about two weeks that is just perfect for an all-day-long stress test... I decided to postpone it, so I can include the test's results after the event. Meanwhile, of course, I'm going to show you all the looks I've created with this liner ;D

domenica 14 maggio 2017

♕ Make Up Look ~ Curved Liner 2.0 ♕

Back to the graphic liner looks! I've already done a curved liner makeup a while ago (here, inspired by @swayzemorgan) - totally loved it and I decided to do it again. Though this time I slightly changed the design, I didn't wanted to be a mere variation of the previous look.

The curve is smaller, compared to the first Curved Liner look I made - plus, it frames, hugs the lid shades/glitters till the inner corner; I added some dots and sharp edges to contrast the soft curve on the outer corner. Overall, I like this version even more the first one! ;D

venerdì 12 maggio 2017

♕ Make Up Look ~ Emeralds are a Mermaid's Best Friend ♕

Today's look was inspired, once again, by Laura aka TheClassicalMua on Instagram - one of my very favourite artists on there - and features again some glitters by GlitterTubes.

I didn't know how to name this look until the very last second. I just knew it gave me emeralds vibes and thus I wanted a name that could connect it to that gemstone - but nothing came up to my mind until this afternoon. At some point I remembered the song "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friends" and I thought, well... Emeralds could definitely be a mermaid's best friends, right? ;D 

mercoledì 10 maggio 2017

♕ Make Up Look ~ Glittery Ocean Eyes ♕

Now that I've posted my first impressions about GlitterTubes' pressed glitter (here), it's finally time to show you all the looks that I've created so far using these beauties *___* Brace yourself, I already made about ten glitter looks (if you follow me on Instagram then you have already seen most of them!) - so my blog will be overwhelmed by glitters for the next weeks XD

This was the very first look I made using these glitters, a sparkly gradient with graphic eyeliner. The reason why I did a gradient was... Because I couldn't choose just one shade to begin with XD Although I knew what kind of look I wanted to do, I kept changing my mind every two seconds - so the whole process this time took way longer than usual. Way, way longer - I almost lost the natural light for my pics XD
Anyway without any further ado, let's get started!